Explore the fascinating world of the Victorian judges at this award-winning historic house.

Loyd Grossman and the tiny posh sandwiches

Sandwiches finished at the Houses of ParliamentWe've just got back from London where we received the Sandford Award for Heritage Education for the second time. This award recognises the achievements of historic sites who meet the tough criteria laid out by the Heritage Education Trust.  We went down to the Houses of Parliament and had a great day being shown around, culminating in Loyd Grossman presenting us with our award.   Great fun and we can confirm that the parliament crockery all has the portcullis logo on it and their tiny sandwiches are very nice!

March 2011

Gaby & Dave at the Houses of Parliament


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  • list arrowWould you wee in your dining room?

    Victorian gentlemen did! Some dining rooms (like ours) had a special cupboard to house a chamber pot so all the gentlemen could go for a wee without leaving the table (once the ladies had left the room, of course!).


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