Explore the fascinating world of the Victorian judges at this award-winning historic house.

Why is it so important that we smell?

In the Judge's Dining Room by Alex RamsayToday sees the arrival on the shelves of the January 2012 edition of fashionable architectural and design publication The World of Interiors.  Why are we excited by this? Well, flip through the magazine and you will find a superb article on The Judge’s Lodging. With absolutely stunning photography by Presteigne’s own expert photographer, Alex Ramsay, the 12-page article shows the real beauty of our building; from the dingy cells and austere court to domestic service rooms and judge’s private retreats.  We see the building every day and love it, but rarely have we seen it shown in such a beautiful light – even our lamp room, which we use daily to tend to our period lights, full of our tools and junk (albeight Victorian junk!) is a delight to look at.  And here we come to the smell...

The article is also written by Alex, and it starts with these words of praise for our scent...

These days it’s common enough to find well-preserved period buildings tagged with such clichés as ‘frozen in time’ or ‘a real time capsule’.  These places may please the eye but too often they don’t convince. The Judge’s Lodging is different for one simple reason: it smells right. One step through the baize-covered entrance door, and the odour of paraffin lamps fills your nostrils. The power of scent evokes domestic life in the 19th century more vividly that any stage-setting could.

So, if you’re passing a magazine shelf over the next few weeks, do take a peek; perhaps buy a copy to have a good peruse.  Even better, why not come to see us and smell everything for yourselves? 

6th December 2011


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