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Victorian Food Recipes

Here at The Judge's Lodging we love Victorian food and cooking. Occasionally we even hold large Georgian & Victorian 5 course dinners, with around fifty dishes in each.  Don't get the Curator talking about Victorian jellies - she's made loads and collects moulds. We're going to give our old ice-cream maker a go some time too (we're afraid we usually cheat by using a freezer). So, we love it so much we thought we'd share some of our favourite recipes with you. All of these are ones we have made ourselves. You'll also find some more recipes in our learning resource The Great Victorian Picnic.

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Raspberry Jelly for a Shape

Put fresh-picked fruit into an earthenware mortar, with sifted sugar, mash them well. Put in a little water, run this through a jelly-bag, and stir in what you think a sufficient quantity (about an ounce to the quart) of melted cold isinglass. Fill your mould.  Margaret Dods




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