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Victorian Food Recipes

Here at The Judge's Lodging we love Victorian food and cooking. Occasionally we even hold large Georgian & Victorian 5 course dinners, with around fifty dishes in each.  Don't get the Curator talking about Victorian jellies - she's made loads and collects moulds. We're going to give our old ice-cream maker a go some time too (we're afraid we usually cheat by using a freezer). So, we love it so much we thought we'd share some of our favourite recipes with you. All of these are ones we have made ourselves. You'll also find some more recipes in our learning resource The Great Victorian Picnic.

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Pears Portuguese Fashion

Take three or four boncretiens or other good winter pears, pare them, cut them in two, and take out the choke, boil them in water only half an hour, put them into a stewpan, pour in a pint of port wine, with a lump of fine sugar, a stick of cinnamon, a bit of lemon-peel, a spoonful or two of water, and about five or six ounces of the best dry currants; let all stew together till your pears are very tender; dish them up, and pour your currants over, but take out the cinnamon and peel.  William Verral



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    The name given to the tight trousers worn by some Regency gentlemen, such as the notorious Beau Brummell and his 'dandy' followers,  as they showed off their leg muscles.

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