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Outdoor games

Outdoor games

Here, you can see three different wooden whipping tops. The drawings show a top with its whip and boys playing in a ring, seeing whose will spin the longest.  The grooves in the wood are for the whip to fit into. Also show is a ball, found in the gutter at a local school. It is home-made and shows how Victorian children often made their own entertainment. The ball is made from a scrap of striped material and roughly sewn into shape, with sawdust to stuff it.

spinning tops

playing tops

 In the classroom:  

What are these toys made of? Do you think the ball was owned by a rich or poor child? What sort of games could you play with a ball like this? If you can get a traditional top to show the class, let them have a go- it is very hard!


top and whip


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    The name given to the tight trousers worn by some Regency gentlemen, such as the notorious Beau Brummell and his 'dandy' followers,  as they showed off their leg muscles.

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