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Scrapbooks were a favourite pastime of Victorian children. They could be used to collect pieces from newspapers, adverts, fashion pictures, postcards, poems, drawings, pressed leaves and art projects in. Their name is given to them through the hobby of collecting 'scraps' - sheets of pictures, which were cut out and stuck into these books. Sheets of scraps could have almost anything a young collector wished on them- animals, boats, toys, flowers, soldiers. We have chosen three pages from our collection to show you the sorts of thing a Victorian child might like to keep.

In the classroom:  

Page of scraps: How many different pictures can you see on this page? Choose a topic, like 'animals' or 'famous people' and make up pages using pictures from magazines.

Pears Soap advert: What year was this advert in a newspaper? Have a go at the optical illusion - it's really fun! Why does it say 'Please place this in your scrapbook'? Do you think this would be a good way to remember to buy their soap?

Fashion Pages: Two scrapbook pages showing Victorian ladies fashion. What year did the ladies wear these dresses? Do you think they would be easy to wear? Could they breath properly, move around easily or sit down? How did they get their skirts so big in 1865? Cut out pages from magazines, choosing the clothes you like today.

optical illusion

scrapbook fashion 1

scrapbook fashion 2

scrapbook elephant


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