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Soup for the Poor

2 oz dripping
4 oz meat cut into 1 inch dice
4 oz onions, thinly sliced
4 oz turnips, cut into small dice ('the peel will do')
2 oz leeks, thinly sliced ('the green tops will do')
3 oz celery
12 oz wholemeal flour
8 oz pearl barley
3 oz salt
1/4 oz brown sugar
All boiled together in 18 pints of water

Recipe by Alexis Soyer, author of 'A Shilling Cookery for the People', Chef at the Reform Club and friend of Florence Nightingale.

This soup is thought sufficient for 40 people! Try to imagine the taste and how few people would have a piece of meat.


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Strange But True

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    The Victorian actress Sarah Bernhardt used to sleep in a coffin because she said it helped her to understand the tragic roles she had to play.


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